The Project

This site was created by Frances Binder and Edward Surjan, graduate students of the Master of Library and Information Science program at Syracuse University.  For our final project in IST616 Fall Semester 2014, we decided to look at the challenges and special considerations of cataloging items in a high school library makerspace collection.  While many information objects can routinely be found in this environment, we examined four broadly representative major categories:


Many makerspaces feature dedicated equipment like electronic cutting machines, 3D printers, sewing machines and other specialty devices.


Ranging from knitting needles to macramé boards to soldering irons, these are reusable items that might potentially circulate.

Student Created Content

Fundamental to a makerspace’s raison d’être, student created content is produced in many forms and media.


This familiar bibliographic category includes materials like manuals, instructions and books.

Our investigation included creating a sample record for each category and writing about our findings and recommendations (see links).  We have also created a sample policy for cataloging makerspace materials, and we have included an essay to discuss the overall lessons learned from this project and thoughts on the merits of this practice. We hope these samples and findings will prove useful for others attempting to catalog items for this type of special collection.  Enjoy!

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